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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is on Netflix, and I’m blown away by how awesome it is. It’s pretty unusual for season 3 of a show to be the best, but UKS manages it.

The overall story is about a woman named Kimmy, who was kidnapped and trapped in a bunker by a cult leader and three other ladies for all her teen years. The story begins after she gets saved and moves to New York. Despite the sombre backstory, the show is lighthearted and funny.

The first awesome thing: the feminism! The female protagonist (Kimmy) is kind, silly but really resiliant. The title song repeats “Females are strong as hell” which, apart from the reference to hell, is very cool.

Episode 6 is entitled “Kimmy is a feminist!” and is really wonderful in its explanation of why liberal feminism is dumb:

– These university girls go overboard trying to be PC, so saying “hey guys” to girls is microagression and so is saying “oh boy!” and “oh man!”.

This is really topical right now, as the increase in trans awareness brings activists trying to say that misgendering somebody is a hate crime. This in turn leads to a hypersensitivits around using normal, non-offensive words like “man”! However, here it’s illustrated that getting hung up on gendered words is silly.


–  The uni girls also get dressed up for a party. They correct Kimmy after she says she looks like a hooker, saying that the term is now “sex worker” and that they’re “heroes”. They also talk about how feminism is now about owning your own sexuality, and how they dress sexy for themselves.

This is an enticing lie often told by liberal feminists. I love that UKS shows how silly it is, and how little sense it makes. No woman dresses in tight, short dresses and heels to please only herself. It’s not comfy! And women being sexually available serves men and only damages women. Plus, calling prostitutes “sex workers” as part of feminism is so damaging as it ignores the extreme mistreatment and abuse women go through, not even mentioning the huge prevelance of human trafficking.

– Then one of the other girls who was kidnapped with Kimmy has been dealing with her freedom by starting her own cult. So she kidnapps a group of teenage boys and lives with them in a cabin. Here they address how women and men are treated differently, for example how the anger of women is not taken as seriously/not treated as legitimately as that of men. Also how teenage boys aren’t taught to cook or clean or be mature the way that girl are

– Kimmy just generally empowering other women, encouraging them and reminding them that they are great just being themselves

– Funny comment in episode 9:



Which takes us nicely onto episode 9 entitled “Kimmy goes to church!”

As a secular TV show I wasn’t expecting church to be reflected well. It starts good, with the church being very welcoming and Kimmy is amazed by the pinboard showing all the ways they help people. However, she meets an old lady who is very gossipy and seems up to no good.

In the end though, it was all a misunderstanding. Kimmy, not yet realising this, goes up to the front of the church to yell at them all for being just as bad as non-christians, and at this point I wanted to stop watching rather than see the church be torn down. But instead, everybody clapped and agreed! People stood up and confessed things they had done wrong. The old lady said she knew she was a gossip, and that she was praying about it and trying to be better. The pastor was then saying about how every person sins and that’s why we need Jesus.

Kimmy left happy, feeling like they’d been really honest. She says: “I guess real religion is about knowing we’re not perfect, but trying to be better…together.”

So I was very surprised and pleased with how that ended!

Finally, I will just say that UKS deals with so many topical issues, like racism, urban development, wealth, trauma, friendships and more. Not only does it deal with them, but in a modern and moral way.